UK Freight Express at a Glance

  • UK Freight Express (HK) Ltd., a HK based international freight forwarder, which professionally delivers freight forwarding and international transportation services through a network of offices and agents across the Globe. We operate our own dedicated offices in Hong Kong & Shanghai and are supported by our strong Agent network in India, the Middle East and across the world.UK Freight provides integrated services that international shippers trust to manage their supply chains. We offer air transportation, ocean transportation, warehousing, distribution and customs services throughout Asia and beyond. But, our capabilities extend beyond pure transportation and distribution. We provide innovative logistics solutions and information technology platforms that allow our customers to reach through time and space to effectively manage their shipments. International shippers save time and control their budgets with UK Freight services. We work with customers to tailor transportation programs that deliver consistent transit times and increased efficiencies when routing cargo.The UK Freight motto is ”To provide Fast & Reliable Services combining the BEST option & the BEST price.” Throughout our many years of operation, we have engaged responsibly and delivered excellent customer service. At all times understanding client’s expectations and proposing the best solution to our clients based on our years of professional logistics experience.

Air & Ocean Freight

As an air and sea freight operator with a long history of service, UKF Group  maintains solid relationships with a great many shipping lines, and airlines operating in the Asia Pacific region. We are specifically well adapted to manage air and sea freight shipments in and out if China via local, long standing relationships. In the world of international logistics this is of vital importance.


At UKF Group  we maintain our own warehouses in several strategic locations enabling us to provide the most flexible, and cost-effective shipping plans. Because we are not reliant on third party services for storage of goods, we are able to adapt much faster and provide better and more streamlined options to fulfill the wide range of needs from our international client base.

Project Cargo

We provide a full “end to end” service for your project cargo needs, which includes planning, management, execution, backup, and status monitoring. We are supported by a team of heavy machine operators and world class technology ensuring that we can provide the most efficient and robust service for the import/export of even the toughest shipments..

Overland Services

We have developed a “core” distribution business to support many of the freight services we provide.  We provide regular scheduled trucking services in a variety of strategic locations including Guangzhou, Shenzhen and greater Hong Kong. These scheduled services further integrate with a range of other transportation links, which are selected based on most appropriate method. Services are provided via a range of different vehicle types: van, lorry, truck depending on items size and urgency of determined shipments.